R-TECH Materials has extensive experience of failure analysis for the petrochemical industry. We have been involved in critical path work on major refinery turnarounds. We are regularly asked to advise on the failure mechanisms from both chemical and refinery process plant. Most of our work is laboratory based, and we work in conjunction with clients, feeding back information, and adapting our investigation according to discussions with clients. We are particularly experienced in the examination of corrosion products from refinery plant.

We also have extensive experience of in-situ metallography on chemical and refinery process plant. This has been used as part of life assessment studies of the plant in question.

We support research work in this area, and currently sponsor Masters and Doctorate students on petro-chemical related projects.

Examples of some of the work we have done in this area include:

  • Major exercise on carburisation of 9Cr furnace tubes
  • Condition assessment of process vessels after overheating
  • Study of thermal degradation of various grades of austenitic stainless steels
  • Study on corrosion of materials by biodiesel