R-Tech Materials Presenting at the MPWT Conference, Saudi Arabia

13th Sep 2017

Dr Tony Franks, the Managing Director of R-Tech Materials, recently presented at the Materials Performance and Welding Technologies conference in Dammam, Saudi Arabia on September 12th 2017. Tony presented the paper, “Carburization and Metal Dusting in Fired Heaters and Steam Methane Reformers: Plant Integrity Issues” co-authored with John Brear – Plant Integrity and Sonomatic. The event was organised by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International West Asia & Africa Area and the American Welding Society (AWS) Saudi Arabia Section.

The paper describes the various failure mechanisms associated with carburisation and explains how they and their effects may be predicted. A non-destructive inspection technique for determining carburization depth, using a time of flight diffraction (TOFD) method, is included in the paper and its integration into a predictive component life assessment methodology. The paper describes examples of recent assessments, showing the opportunities for life extension, process optimization and failure avoidance.

Internal Pipe surfaceCracked Pipe

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