Materials Testing

R-TECH Materials has state-of-the-art facilities for the mechanical testing, corrosion testing and environmental testing of materials.

With a large range of computer controlled static and dynamic testing machines, we can test anything from a human hair to structural components of 150 tonnes capacity.

Our test laboratory is accredited by the UK Accreditation Services for a wide range of tests on metals, polymers and composites. We are competent at testing according to national or international testing or product standards. We can test materials directly from our clients (such as wires, bars, polymer rods), or we can machine test samples from them. For composite materials, we are experienced at the manufacture of test laminates where required.

In addition to materials testing, we can also test components in modes which simulate their operation, such as fatigue testing of springs or compression testing of buttons. We are used to developing test methods for non-standard applications. Using our expertise and in-house workshop facilities, we can design and build test rigs to adapt our test facilities to your materials and components.

R-TECH Materials also offers corrosion testing and environmental testing of materials. This can range from salt spray testing of coated metal products to UV exposure testing of polymers.

We have the experience to be able to advise on the best test methods for your materials and components, the range of techniques and equipment to perform those tests, and if necessary the expertise to help you interpret your results and apply them to your materials problems.