R-TECH Materials consists of two materials companies:

R-TECH Services

Metamet Consultants

Through these businesses, R-TECH Materials offers comprehensive materials testing, analysis, characterisation and consultancy services. We offer a fast, reliable service across a wide range of materials and industries. We have a team of professional materials scientists, engineers and chemists with many years experience in manufacturing as well as in testing and analysis of materials. We have a skilled and experienced technician staff, with extensive laboratory facilities at our disposal, and links to partner companies to further extend our capabilities. We have our own dedicated workshop for the preparation of samples and the manufacture of bespoke jigs and fixtures.

We can test everything from a human hair up to structural materials of 150 tonnes capacity. We can analyse metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, dusts, liquids, in fact just about anything.

We have particular specialisms in the testing of steel products for application in structural concrete, and of resins and composites for the marine industry. We are industry leaders in these fields.

Tests can be performed to National or International Standards. Many are covered by our UKAS accreditation. Alternatively we can develop in-house test methods to meet client requirements.

Our materials consultancy services cover industries as diverse as oil and gas, construction and petrochemical to electronics, aerospace and nuclear. We have a particular expertise in investigative laboratory work, where our knowledge and experience is supported by our testing, analysis and characterisation facilities. Our skills have been successfully applied to failure analysis, product development, supplier assessment, legal actions, materials training and plant life assessment.